How long does it take to setup my label for distribution?

If you are starting a new label then distribution can be set up quickly. The only store that requires some processing time is Beatport who need to create a profile for your label. They also need to manually ensure that your label name is not already in use by another customer. This process usually takes a week or so.

If you are transferring your label over from another distributor and have requested that your content be moved over to your new account then the process can take a little longer. This is a manual process and can take two to three weeks depending on how quickly the stores reply to us. Please note that the only stores who allow the transfer of content are Beatport, Traxsource, Juno and Trackitdown. 

Distribution will not be available until all stores have completed setup, however you can begin uploading and preparing your releases as soon as you have access.

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