What bank information do I need to provide for payment requests?

In order to make payment to a bank account we need complete and accurate information.

We recommend contacting your bank prior to making a payment request to review the information that should be used for incoming wire transfers.

We need to know:

  • The bank's full name
  • The bank's complete address
  • Your account number at the bank, or the International Banking Account Number (IBAN) if you have it
  • Your account name at the bank
  • For US accounts we need your Routing Number
  • For UK accounts we need your Sort Code
  • For DE accounts we need your National Bank ID (IRC Code)

if your bank requires the use of an intermediary bank for receiving U.S. dollars, please provide that bank’s SWIFT BIC and ABA routing number.


We also need the following personal information:

  • Your name
  • Your complete address
  • Your telephone number


Please let us know if you have any issues or special requirements for providing this information.

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    calvin drumgo

    but where do i go on label engine to fill it out in adding paypal and my info

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