How do I manage my Demo System settings?

Under the Demos menu, click ‘Demo Settings’ to either ‘Manage Blocked Artists’ (prevent certain artists from sending further demos) or ‘Manage Demo Reply Options’ (create automated replies that will be sent to the artist when the demo is either signed, held, rejected, or deleted).

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    makhdoom obm

    Hello Dear label-engine Team I need your help.
    Dear sir I am new user here I don't know how work in this site please guide me.
    I make a video file in mp4 and mkv format at my own PC but i don't know that how i upload in 'tracks' option and here is also not a option for upload video file please help me and guide me or send me a example video thank you so much i am waiting for your reply.


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    makhdoom obm

    please send me reply at my email address thank you !

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