How do I transfer accounting data over to Label Engine?

Unfortunately due to the lack of a standard format, there is no way to import all accounting data over at once. There are however some useful features that can get you up and running quickly.


For best results with Label Engine accounting we recommend inserting your releases and setting Pre-Allocations for them. If your releases have been distributed on Beatport, you can import releases over directly by clicking 'Import Release' and searching for your label name. This will import artist and release information in addition to low quality artwork and audio previews.

Alternatively, if you still have the folders that you originally sent to Beatport using baseware, or to FUGA, you can upload these via ftp and the release information will be extracted.

In both cases, Pre-Allocations will be set based upon your Default Template and Contract Account settings.


It may not always be necessary to re-import all of your previous accounting statements. If you have previously sent payments out to your artists, you are able to set a starting balance for them - simply edit each of your artists and you can set a balance for each Label and Contract Account. This will be marked on their statements as 'previous balance' and will be added to any amounts owed to the artists for these accounts.

Other options:

If you have accounting data in another format, please contact us, we may be able to import the data for you!

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