How do I view the Feedback from my Campaigns?

You will see an alert on your main menu, showing you how much feedback has been received within the last week. 

This will lead you to the Promotion menu, where under the Feedback section you will see the 20 most recent items of feedback.

If you want to see a overview of your campaign history just go to :

Promotion > Campaign History

This view will display a full history of all your campaigns providing Date, Label , Release, Recipients, Promo Date and Reminder date information.


You can view the feedback for a specific release by going to the release and under the promotion tab clicking on feedback 

From here you can view or download a pdf Feedback report, you can chose from a report with statistics or without statistics.

Graph Statistics are display for Response rates and rating distribution

Finally the system offers a feedback section with the feedback details

You can select the feedback you want to use and be included in the reminder emails, the promo page or if you using the feature function to apply for features in stores.

You can select up to 10 items.

The last section shows a very detailed status of what recipients are not interested, played, viewed, reminded, recipients that have been sent the promo but not viewed it , undeliverable emails, recipients that he not been sent a promo and recipients that have been unsubscribed from the label promo list.


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