How do I receive payment for my sales?

On the 1st day of the month Label engine will issue a sales statement that will automatically land on your Label Engine front page under distribution alerts.

This can alternative be accessed via Distribution > Statements

In this section you can see all statements, request your payment and chose from the available methods of payment.

Next to each statement you have the option to View Statement - which will take you to a page giving you full details of the payment and allowing you to download csv files containing full royalty details, expense details and a payment history.

If you are a Premium Distribution or Accounting Subscription customer, you will also see an option 'Manage Royalties'. This will automatically upload your royalty statement to Label Engine's accounting system, allowing you to being the process of allocation.

****Within the first week of each month you will receive the report for the previous month, for example on July 7 2018 you will receive your June 2018 report. Keep in mind this does not mean the exact sales from June necessarily, it means anything we have been accounted and payed for up until June will be included in the report.

Payment Requests

If you are owed money, you will be able to submit a payment request. You are able to request immediately after you receive a statement, or if you wish to save on bank transfer fees you can wait until the next payment period and request all payments together.

****If the minimum earned sales threshold of $100.00 USD is not reached, you will only be able to exchange the balance for Label engine credit and the other payment options will be disabled.

Select your preferred method of payment, enter all of the required details and submit to create a payment request. Provided all details entered are correct, we will do our best to complete payment as soon as possible.

Please note that as of 2018 payment by check / cheque is no longer available.



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