How can Youtubers join Connect?

We are open to collaborate with Youtubers that wish to share revenue with our labels/artists. Whether you are a Youtube music promoter, video gamer or make-up specialist, our doors are open and its free to join!

Use the link below to create an account with us and verify your channel's ownership, if you have over 1,000 subscribers your account will automatically be approved. If you are still working on growing your fanbase, don't worry we check and manually approve channels under the threshold.

If your channel is not approved with 3 business days, feel free to email us to check on the status of the channel.

Note: Connect is not a Youtube network so even if you are a part of a network you are free to join. We claim videos for monetization using Youtube's Content ID platform and we will send you a monthly royalty report outlining activity and income earned.

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    Subhojit khamaru

    What is need to get machyange license?

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