What are Statement Expenses?

In some cases the amount of money you actually receive from a store or distributor may not match the amount listed in your royalty statement. There may be deductions for tax, bank transfers, currency conversion, publishing, promotion or other withheld expenses. 

In order to ensure you pay your artists the right amount of money, you can add these expenses, along with any additional sales, to your statement. This can be done at any time when editing a statement from the "Sales and Expenses" section at the bottom of the page. 

Enter in your expense (or sale) item by selecting a category, details of the expense and a value. You are given two options for allocation:

Allocate to Statement: The item will be linked to the royalty statement and allocated according to the allocations set for the statement. So for example if an artist is allocated 5% of the total royalties in the royalty statement, they will be allocated 5% of the item. The allocations for the item will be updated automatically each time the royalty statement is updated. If the royalty statement is not completed, the items will not be allocated. If you wish to edit the item allocations manually you'll need to unlink the item from the royalty statement by clicking the "unlink" button when viewing the item.

Allocate Manually: The item will not be linked to the royalty statement and you will be able to edit the allocations yourself.

In addition, the expense (or sale) containing the created items will be linked to the royalty statement, meaning the reference, date, period and client will automatically match that of the royalty statement. Again, if you wish to edit these values yourself you can click the "Unlink" button, which will also unlink all items contained in the expense from the royalty statement.

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