What are previews?

By default, anyone viewing your release within the promo system or a sharing page will be able to listen to the full length of each track. If you would prefer them to only be able to listen to a portion of each track, you can define a preview section of the track by clicking 'Set Preview' while editing a track. Set the start and end points of the preview section by dragging the left or right of the green box, or by clicking on one of the suggested preview options below:

Full - the full track will be selected
Intro / Outro Trim - the first and last minute will be cut off
Beatport Preview - two minutes from the middle of the track will be selected

The minimum preview length is 30 seconds. You can audition your preview section at any time by clicking the play button. Once you are happy with your defined preview section, click 'Update Preview'.

Please note: 

The system will now always play the full track when editing your release, the preview sections are only used for Promo and Sharing / Follow to Download pages.

Setting a preview section will not affect the length of the track that Promo and Sharing / Follow to Download users are able to download.

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