How do I set my label style?

NOTE: This is currently only used for Promo and Share, and Follow to Download.

Your label style is used on pages you send out with a Share or Follow to Download that contains tracks from different releases, or track from your FTP Repository. Your label style is also available as a preset when creating the style for each release. Your label logo and associated text and links will be used on all releases for that label.

You can edit the label style by clicking 'Label Style' when editing your label, or by clicking the 'Set Label Style' box when sending out a share or editing your release style.

A small preview of your label style is shown along with a number of options:

This allows you to set the color that will be used for titles and buttons. Be sure to pick a color with high contrast against your background. You can pick a color by selecting a color from your label artwork or background, by clicking one of the suggested colors, by using the color box or by entering a hex color code.

Panel Color: Choose between black or white panels
Image: Choose your label background or one of our template backgrounds
Fade: Choose which color is shown underneath the artwork. This will only be seen if your background is opaque
Opacity: Set the opacity of your background i.e. how transparent it is
Blur: Set the blur of your background - if your background is busy you can increase the blur to make text more legible

Label Logo: This must be 705 x 300 pixels. Transparent pngs are supported
Label Background: A large image (at least 800 x 600) is recommended.

We've provided a number of different templates for you to choose from. The first few templates are various combinations of our suggested feature and panel colors. After these, you'll see a variety of templates that feature alternate color combinations. Simply click on a template to apply it.

Heading Font: Select the font that you would like to be used for titles

Once you are happy with your settings, click 'Save Changes' to apply them.

Additional Options

Some additional options are available from the label style page - select your label from the music note dropdown and click 'Label Style'.

Label Links: Enter up to 5 URLS to be displayed as icons underneath your label logo.

Label Info: Enter a short description of your label. This will be shown when users click the 'Info' button.

Promo email header: This image will be displayed at the top of promo emails sent to your recipients. It should be 600 x 50 pixels and will be shown with a border.

Letterhead: This image will be shown at the top of accounting emails, statements and invoices. It should be 500 x 100 pixels and a white background is recommended.


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